The Cannon Group originates in Venezuela in 1978 under the name Almohadas Cannon C.A. In 2003 the company created another factory by the name Cannon Pillows S.A. based in Costa Rica to meet the needs of Central America and the Caribbean market.Cannon Pillows S.A. is currently the undisputed leader in the market of Central American pillows. Our success is marked by the consistency of management, for the unbeatable benefits of the materials that we use to manufacture, competitive prices, service efficiency and immediate delivery through its own distribution system.

Through our efficient distribution system we offer our distributors the benefit of having our product line at all times, since we acted as a deposit with a permanent stock.

The pillows that Cannon Pillows S.A. manufactures in Costa Rica, are aimed at different segments of the market, both National and International. We have different lines depending on the final consumer with a wide range of products.

The Cannon Group’s rapid expansion, is the result of efficient and coordinated effort of a team of hard workers that has been able to materialize dreams and projects to transform them in alive, thriving and successful work.


The technology used to manufacture our products is leading-edge globally. Each of the lines of pillows is made with the most soft and durable  premium Hollow  Siliconized Conjugated Fiber which gives them different degrees of softness, strength, durability and comfort according to individual preferences, cost, and intended use.

The result of the Cannon Group today is an International Corporation on growing, dedicated not only to produce optimal quality products but to interact with the user, providing valuable information about the benefits of a good pillow to his health and his family.