The technology used in the manufacture of our products is cutting edge worldwide. Each of the lines pillow is made with the softest and durable siliconized polyester fibers which gives them varying degrees of softness, strength, durability and comfort chords to individual preferences, cost, and intended use.

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We have as much thinking about the needs of home products, the hospitality industry and commerce in general. Cannon Pillows combine quality, price and durability in all our brands.

A good pillow against neck pain

Who hasn’t woken up with a sore neck? Misalignment of the neck causes muscle contractions and cervical tension which are developed due to poor head support while sleeping. In order to sleep through the night and stabilize the spinal column, the proper pillow  is necessary. Types of Pillow – According to experts, the main function […]

10 reviews 5 foods vs insomnia

Insomnia is a common problem and for those who suffer from it, here is an important tip. While choosing the ideal pillow for the best rest possible, consider foods that will promote sleep and help you to fall asleep. Here are some foods that promote sleep and help you to relax deeply. As posted on […]

A good break equals better quality of life

“If it is good to live it’s even better to dream and the best of all is to have the opportunity to wake up! ” Written by the Spanish poet, Antonio Machado, he mentions that sleeping is an activity that we perform, but sometimes we ignore the health benefits provided by a good night’s rest. […]